IoF to formally apply for Chartered status

The IoF is delighted to confirm that the Privy Council has granted permission for us to formally apply for Chartered status and continue our Chartered journey.

This is the next step in a long-term plan for the IoF, which has, for the last 6 years, had a strategic objective, based on consultations with our members, to become a Chartered Institute. The new status, if granted, will raise the profile and status of fundraising, promoting it as a respected profession with high standards of practice at its heart and which delivers public benefit. Most importantly, it will provide public recognition of the fundraising profession.

Fundraisers have often felt that fundraising is not recognised as a profession, either by the public or the organisations for whom they work. This is changing gradually, but many still feel some people outside the sector don’t see fundraising as a credible career, profession or even a proper paid job. Indeed, our Expert Panel on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion has highlighted that this issue is probably exacerbated within communities which are currently under-represented in fundraising.

Our Board of Trustees has agreed a draft set of new constitutional documents (Charter, Bye-Laws and Regulations) which we will consult on with our members and the Privy Council, before taking a final version for agreement by our members at our AGM in July. If the consultation goes smoothly, and our members approve the move to become a Chartered body, we hope to make our formal petition to the Privy Council in July. We would hope to hear their decision before the end of this calendar year.

Peter Lewis, chief executive of the Institute of Fundraising, said:

“Working towards Chartered status has been a key priority for our members for several years. Now that we are able to continue our journey, I’m excited to consult with them on the detailed proposals before submitting our formal petition to the Privy Council for their decision.

“This is a really important step for the Institute, embedding professional standards at the heart of the fundraising community, and securing external recognition for the important role fundraisers play in today’s society raising vital funds to make the world a better place.”

Alex Xavier, Director of Individual Membership, Compliance and Professional Development, said:

“Having worked for a Chartered membership body in the past, I have seen first-hand the many benefits it can bring. Should we be granted Chartered Status as an Institute, it will give much deserved recognition and credibility to everyone in the profession.

“If we are subsequently given permission to award Individual Chartered Status in a few years’ time, this will give our individual members who hold qualifications or equivalent experience the opportunity to apply to become chartered fundraisers – anticipated to be the pinnacle in professional recognition of knowledge, skills and ethical standards in fundraising. “

For further information, please contact Felicity Spencer-Smith, External Affairs Officer via or on 0207 840 5493.

Sexual Harassment in the Fundraising Sector

The Board of Trustees of the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) met yesterday and discussed sexual harassment in the fundraising sector and the role the Institute can play in tackling it.

Following the meeting, Amanda Bringans, Chair of the Institute of Fundraising, said:

"There is no place for sexual or any other form of harassment within our fundraising community. We have been listening to the recent anonymous testimonials of sexual harassment in the fundraising sector collected by Ruby Bayley-Pratt.

"We want to actively encourage people to come forward and report complaints if they have experienced sexual harassment by a member of the Institute or at an Institute event, no matter when that incident happened. Those incidents will be investigated fully, even if the person complained of resigns their membership of the Institute.

"We expect our member organisations to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace, to create an environment for fundraisers to share their experiences and to protect those who are affected. Harassment will not be tolerated, no matter whether this comes from an employee, board member, a beneficiary or a charity’s most important donor.

"We are setting up a Taskforce on Sexual Harassment in Fundraising led by two of our trustees, Claire Rowney and Isobel Michael. They will be joined by an HR and legal expert. This review will be used to inform a sector-wide approach to tackling sexual harassment in the fundraising community.

"The Taskforce will also look at how we can strengthen the IoF’s Code of Conduct and existing complaints policy, to ensure they are fit for purpose and provide an open and safe space for people to report complaints.

"I am grateful to Ruby Bayley-Pratt for agreeing to join the Taskforce.

"Fundraising is a profession for everyone. We do brilliant things that raise vital funds for good causes. All this should be done in a safe and respectful environment. We will work to clamp down on unacceptable behaviour and ensure our fundraising community is a safe space for everyone."


We want to actively encourage people to come forward and report complaints if they have experienced sexual harassment by a member of the Institute or at an Institute event, no matter when that incident happened. To do so, please follow our complaints policy:


We would encourage everyone to familiarise themselves with the IoF guidance on safeguarding and whistleblowing and to know your rights as fundraisers. The guidance can be read on our website:

Institute of Fundraising Awards 2019

The Institute of Fundraising are delighted to bring you the National Fundraising Awards.

These Awards celebrate the very best in fundraising and are a unique opportunity for you, a colleague or a team in your charity to showcase your excellent fundraising and the impact your work has had on your cause. Judged by your fundraising peers, the Awards are free to enter and open to charities of all sizes in the UK.



For a charity that has demonstrated an innovative approach to event fundraising.

This may be for any type of event used to raise charitable income and may include community, charity, virtual or special events.

Successful entries will provide a comparison of event income to overall fundraised income for the charity, clearly demonstrating the significant impact of the event on the charity.

They will also demonstrate a level of innovation or new ground for your organisation and judging will focus on the following areas:

  • Campaign objectives

  • Target audience – how were they reached?

  • Forecasting – how was success intended to be measured?

  • Reach – what non-financial results did you achieve?

  • Innovation – to what extent was this event innovative or ground breaking for your charity?

  • Support – what support was given by those outside of the immediate fundraising/events team? Please include CEO and board involvement if applicable.

  • Volunteers (if applicable) – how many volunteers were involved in the event? How were they recruited?

Find out more and make your nominations here.

Project Bang Bang

Guest Blog by Russell Benson:

Yes, it is as exciting as it sounds!

In order to keep David Attenborough happy, we wanted to eliminate single-use plastic usage within our team. The worst offender in my eyes were banging sticks – those sticks that flurry around any event course like emperor penguins clapping their partners back to the North Pole – just louder! We can’t get rid of them as anyone who has tried to clap for 8 hours at the Marathon knows how valuable they are to save hands from serious burn pain!

And hooray! 😊 There is a plastic-free alternative, by using bio-degradable material! But alas! ☹ There needs to be a large order of the base raw material – far more than our needs. So we went out to find similarly branded and environmentally charities to share the costs and love. This simple social request for yellow branded charities to get in touch hit a little bit of a nerve and lots of event managers got in touch wanting to change from plastic, and from London Marathon organisers and the IoF, who also want to get involved.

So what to do with this interest and how to move forward? Meetings have been arranged; a multi-coloured spreadsheet is being prepared; information is being gathered; a hashtag created; and David Attenborough is doing a little jig to celebrate our move away from plastic.

We hear you screaming at your screen – what can I do to join this movement?

We hear you. It’s quite simple - email to register some level of interest and we’ll send more information and updates very soon when we have them. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or desire to get more involved is not just welcome, but actively sought out.

And remember, the first rule of Project Bang Bang is to talk about Project Bang Bang!

Dementia Revolution and MC&C

The teams at Dementia Revolution and MC&C wowed us at our meeting in January.

It was a really impressive afternoon with some amazing ideas in action and planned for the future. You can find their presentation decks below.

Many thanks to Nina, Julia and Jade from Dementia Revolution; Fliss and Christian at MC&C; and of course Sam at CRUK For hosting us at the posh office. /

Massive Sports Monitor Report 2019


It’s that time again, the team at Massive are compiling data for the 2019 Sports Fundraising Monitor.

The Report is compiled by Massive who believe it is the most authoritative resource on the state of sports fundraising in the UK.

In 2018 they combined data from the biggest charity players and all of the major online giving platforms to report on trends in participation, fundraising and share which events are the most important for charity fundraisers. Again they’re aiming to increase the number of charities involved to provide even more detailed insight for this year.

If you would like to be involved in the report, please complete the file attached and return it to Charlie by the 8th March.

IOF and Charity Checkout Roundtable

Charity Checkout.png

Dear All

The IoF and our Innovation Partner, Charity Checkout, would like to invite you to a Mass Participation Events Innovation Roundtable: on Wednesday 27th February at 1pm-2:30pm. We would love for you to joins us.

The agenda for the session is as follows:

1. Welcome and introductions

2. Achieving mass participation success using relationship fundraising and digital innovation - Lottie Barnden, Senior Fundraising Products Manager, Breast Cancer Now

3. Innovating in a crowded events market - John Tasker, Strategy Director, Massive

4. Beyond the masses in mass participation events - Chester Mojay-Sinclare, Founder of Charity Checkout

5. Other areas of discussion

The event will be held at Charity Checkout's offices next to Moorgate Station, London and they will be providing lunch during the session.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to this email.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Best wishes

Billie Denham-Svark


Institute of Fundraising
+44 (0)20 7840 3797

Bath Half 2020

We have a sprint finish on the Bath Half Charity Scheme as Kayley, the Charity Director tells us below.

Your deadline to apply is Thursday 7th February so get cracking if you would like to be involved.


We are really excited to see applications in for the 2020 event, and wanted to let Charities know there are a few days remaining to apply.

Our charity scheme is central to our mission to 'Make a Difference'. We have worked closely with our charity partner over the last 20 years to develop our charity scheme. Unfortunately our event was cancelled in 2018 due to winter storms but in 2017 we achieved :

  • 92% sell on rate for reserved charity places

  • £519 ave page value on JustGiving

  • 30% of entries pre-sold to 130+ charity partners

  • Lead Charity Partner raised just shy of £200,000

  • Other Top Tier Partners raised an average of £80,680

  • We seek to build long-term sustainable partnerships with charities across a broad spectrum of causes, and we welcome applications from new charity partners.

Please find details of the packages in the brochure below and we look forward to hearing from you!

Kayley Waller
Bath Half Marathon
Charity Director
01225 422 165


Information Pack

EMF Membership

It's all change at the Event Managers' Forum.
After a few months of discussion with the Institute of Fundraising we are moving from a membership model to a pay-as-you-go structure. From here on membership to the group will be free and instead we'll be asking a small fee to attend our meetings. 

This change ensures we, as part of the Institute of Fundraising, are compliant with GDPR in the way we store data and accept registrations.

Our members should notice very little difference in the short-term. Rest assured that the Forum section of this site will be protected by a log-in to ensure this is only visible to those working for charities. We will also be issuing a discount code with the next meeting invitation to all existing members so they can attend any of or Meetings for the rest of this year for free. 

If you have any questions about this change please drop us an email on

Many thanks.

Events Fundraising Conference

The team at the Institute of Fundraising are looking for suggestions for the Events Fundraising conference on 18th June.  

If you have five minutes to feed back on the following questions it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Wendy:

  • Would you and your team be interested in attending an event focusing on Events Fundraising
  • What are the key issues you see in Events Fundraising at the moment?
  • What would you like to know more about?
  • Are there any charities that you would like to hear more about?
  • Anyone specifically that you would like to see speak?
  • To sum up, what would you say is the top piece of information you would like to bring back from a conference on Events Fundraising?

Many thanks.

Go Skydive

Our Event Sponsor for our March event is Go Skydive. In addition to purchasing the beers for the meeting they also help over 2000 people a year choose to tandem skydive in aid of a charity and work with 100's of charities across the UK. They are the only specialist first-time tandem skydiving centre in the country so are the ideal partner for charities whose fundraisers who have never jumped before. Their high levels of customer care have resulted in long term partnerships with charities and in 2017 we helped our charity partners raise over £1 million for good causes.

Not only that, they also make great videos.

National Fundraising Convention and Awards 2018


The Fundraising Convention website has launched! See for more details.

The convention also features the National Fundraising Awards and the best way to secure a ticket is by winning one! 

Has your fundraising team had an extraordinary success story in 2017? Has an individual fundraiser's determination and passion led them to achieve something truly remarkable?

Highlight your excellent fundraising success by entering them into this year’s National Fundraising Awards - nominations close 23 March it’s free to enter so nominate now!

Charity Escapes

Charity Escapes.jpg

Charity Escapes is a new and exciting fundraising charity that specialises in sourcing donated holidays and experiences.

We know that finding auction and raffle prizes is difficult and in some cases it can be expensive. Our aim is to make it easier for fundraisers by offering a range of prizes to help raise money at fundraising events.

Charity Escapes works with hotels, holiday home owners, and holiday agents who are willing to donate prizes for a wide variety of good causes. The donated holidays are then matched to fundraising events - ensuring the most amount of money possible is raised.

Since September 2017, Charity Escapes have sourced over 150 prizes and to date has helped over 50 charities, large and small. Some of the prizes available are featured on our website ( but the variety and number of prizes on offer is growing all the time. We are currently working with Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Hilton Hotels, Malmaison and many others.

In return for offering a prize to help you raise money, we ask two things of a charity and the event organiser -

1.    A thank you tweet and FB post thanking the prize donor
2.    For 16.6% plus VAT (so 20%) to come back to us from the total amount our prize raised
(E.g. if one of our holidays sold at auction for £500, we would ask for £100 to come back to us.)

We are a not-for-profit and the money we ask to come back to us is to help cover our reasonable costs.  There are no other charges for providing these prizes.

Remember, we are sourcing new prizes all the time, so register now on our website to secure a prize (or two) for your next fundraising event!

For more information about how it works and to apply for prizes, please visit If you would like more information or would like to discuss in more detail, please email or call 0191 3037837.

Sports Fundraising Monitor 2018

Work is kicking off work on the 2018 Sports Fundraising Monitor.

The Report is compiled by Massive who believe it is the most authoritative resource on the state of sports fundraising in the UK.

In 2017 they combined data from 30 of the biggest charity players and all of the major online giving platforms to report on trends in participation, fundraising and share which events are the most important for charity fundraisers.

This year we’re aiming to increase the number of charities involved to provide even more detailed insight and after a successful pilot last year, we'll be offering bespoke sports fundraising strategy sessions for members to allow help them dig deeper into our findings and develop a clear plan and tactics to grow the effectiveness of their sports fundraising activity.

If you would like to be involved in the report, please get in touch with John and he will get the data templates and agreements over to you. The deadline for completing the data is February 23rd so move quickly to be included.

Institute of Fundraising appoints expert panel to advise on how to make fundraising a more diverse profession

The Institute of Fundraising (IoF), the professional membership body for charity fundraisers, has announced the appointment of an Expert Advisory Panel on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

It is widely recognised that the fundraising profession is less diverse than the population, as well as other professions and functions within the charitable sector.  Women are well represented (though not in senior roles) but ethnic diversity is low and little is known about disability, religion, LGBT+, or class (see Who’s doing the asking?  Diversity in the fundraising profession, a report by the IoF and Barrow Cadbury Trust, published in 2014).

Last year the IoF developed a new strategy with its members that commits to developing fundraising as a respected profession that attracts and retains talent from diverse backgrounds and develops excellent fundraising in organisations of all types and sizes.

To achieve these ambitious and challenging objectives this new Expert Advisory Panel has been established to advise on how the Institute should address both its own internal practices to become an exemplary employer and professional body, and on how to support the profession to become more diverse and inclusive, better able to attract funding from a diverse donor base that meets the needs of the diversity of the beneficiaries we serve.

As part of its work the Panel will advise on a range of issues including barriers to entry to the profession, attracting and retaining fundraisers, and changing the perception of the profession within BAME and other communities.

The Panel is being independently chaired by Sufina Ahmad of the City of London Corporation, and includes advisers with a wealth of experience in fundraising and in championing equality, diversity and inclusion. The Panel held its first meeting on Friday 2 February and will end its remit at the IoF Fundraising Convention in July 2019.

Sufina Ahmad, Chair of the Expert Advisory Panel on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, said: “I am humbled to be involved in such an important programme of work to support the Institute and the fundraising community it serves. There are so many challenges facing fundraisers and by acknowledging the importance of diversity as a tool to embrace them I hope the advisory panel and I can help the IoF shape the changes it wants to make as an Institute to make the profession a more diverse and inclusive one that truly reflects and understands the communities it serves.”

Amanda Bringans, Chair of the Institute of Fundraising, said: “Our sector talks a good talk when it comes to championing diversity, but there is much more we should be doing to make this rhetoric a reality. I am excited that Sufina Ahmad has agreed to chair this panel, which has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with us. We have a lot to do and much to learn, but we all know that we must act if we are going to better reflect the communities we serve.”

Members of the IoF Expert Advisory Panel on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: 

Sufina Ahmad, City of London Corporation (Chair); Paul Amadi, MS Society; Lucy Caldicott, UpRising; Emily Casson, Cats Protection and Chair of IoF North East; Charlotte Fielder, Battersea Dogs and Cats; Hayley Gullen, Tommy’s; Alex Gwynne, Stonewall; Tufail Hussain, Islamic Relief; David Mbaziira, HOME Fundraising; Jaz Nannar, Burnett Works; Kunle Olulode, Voice4Change England; Ruth Pitter, Voscur; Stephen Rimmer, Barnardo’s; Samir Savant, London Handel Festival; James Taylor, Scope; Anthony Earle Wilkes, Cancer Research UK. IoF Trustees Carol Akiwumi and Isobel Michael are also members of the Panel.

Biographies and terms of reference for the Panel can be viewed here.

Further background information about why the IoF set up this panel and prioritised this work can be accessed on the IoF website’s Diversity resources.

Who’s doing the asking?  Diversity in the fundraising profession, a report by the IoF and Barrow Cadbury Trust, published in 2014 can be read here.

The Lucidity Network

Do you ever feel like you are stuck? Perhaps you are looking for your next career step or want to make more of an impact in your current role? Maybe you just want to improve your creativity and innovation skills?

In my experience people can achieve incredible results with a small amount of help and support. That’s why I'm developing the Lucidity Network; online learning, group support and 1:1 coaching combined with a programme of networking events that you’ll actually look forward to attending.

This offer is open until the 12th February so get involved fast! 


The Lucidity Network is a mix of offline and online learning and support to help build your confidence to think differently, be creative and get the results you want.

Guest Blog: The fundraising landscape is changing

EDH Header.jpg

Blockbuster, speed dating and the Nokia 8210 were all things we loved. In 2004. The world has changed and digital is the future, our lives are run through smart phones and apps, and the event fundraising landscape is starting to look like that too.

However, virtual events aren’t the future of fundraising. They aren’t the ‘next big thing’. They are the big thing now. They are events that will help salvage the failing 5k and 10k charity runs. Just recently we have seen the massive Top25 (via being released, in which the 25 biggest mass participation events are ranked in order of fundraising revenue, and for the first time ever there were virtual events on the list. Notably BHF’s MyMarathon, which was the highest ranking virtual event. Other big hitters making the list were, Movember, Brave the Shave, Dryathlon and The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, raising nearly £45m between them and all in the top 10. The common theme? Accessibility.

EDH Image 1.jpg
EDH Image 2.jpg
EDH Image 3.jpg

You decide the event
If you can track it, we can create it. Cycling, running or even walking are great activities to build your Virtual Event around. Just set a target for your supporters!

everydayhero's integration with MapMyFitness and Strava connects your fundraisers effort to their supporter page and contributes towards their goal set out by you.

Before, during and after your event, participants share their supporter page, raising money for your organisation.

Virtual events are an exciting peer-to-peer event that bring fundraising, fitness and communities together to unite people and create a digital community around a cause. Unlike traditional events which take place on a specific date in a specific location, virtual events allow supporters to participate wherever they are, whenever they want.

In the last 18 months, the British Heart Foundation has trialled and launched ‘MyMarathon’, an event which asks supporters to run the length of a marathon over a specific month, meaning the event is accessible to all.

Traditional marathons and many other challenge events can be out of reach for many charity supporter’s due to difficulty, cost to enter, the size of the fundraising target and event location. Likewise, it is getting increasingly risky for charities to bulk buy places in events as demand and levels of participation in certain events is slipping.

Virtual Events cut this out – they enable your supporters to take part in a fun, unique event whatever their ability and wherever they are based, and at minimal risk to the charity.
Furthermore, the administration work is greatly reduced, compared to say, traditional run, walk, swim events. An everydayhero virtual event will offer you a low maintenance all in one event solution from event registration to automatic fundraising page creation, with all the data being stored in an easy to use back end system. And virtual events can be for one or more activities. From running to cycling to space hopping. Essentially, if you can track it, we can build it.


Last year, Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) and parkrun partnered to create their first virtual event, Running Down Dementia. A national event that ran across the whole summer, with a specific fundraising and distance target, which saw unprecedented success. The event seamlessly combined a live running community through local parkrun, with an online digital community for all participants through the event microsite. It even led ARUK to win the Best Use of Digital at the IOF awards in 2017.

This blog started off by saying that virtual events are not the future, they are the now. There can be no denying the impact that digital is having on the events fundraising landscape, as well as the wider sector. We’ve seen the importance of embracing digital across most industries, and to add context, in 2000 the CEO of Blockbuster turned down the chance to buy Netflix for $50m. Netflix is now valued at more than $30bn, and Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

Long gone are the days of charities expecting good returns on 5k walks, cycling events aren’t seen as the ‘challenge’ they used to be due to the increase in cycling popularity. So, instead of planning events around 10km runs, or 100km cycles, why not challenge your entire community to run around the world over two months? Or cycle from London to Rio in 4 weeks? With virtual events the possibilities are endless, and the technology is ready. Are you?

Contact - Mark Scobie on or on 020 7601 7224.

Roundtable Meeting #05 (August 2017)

Our August meetings had the added bonus of views of Tower Bridge on the Thames as we visited the Blackbaud offices in London Bridge. 

The Seniors meeting kicked off with Half Marathon performance, team structures, due diligence, business planning and of course, our favorite, GDPR.

The Fundraisers discussed collaborative working, lead-in times, the Manchester races and digital marketing, not mention plans for the bank holiday weekend ahead.

Many thanks to Mark at Blackbaud for hosting. 

Meeting (July 2017)

Our July meeting was held at Diabetes UK in Aldgate.

Bruce Blog Image.jpg

Our July meeting featured a couple of A-Listers. First up was Alex Carley from Mind who presented on how her team had worked as part of the Heads Together campaign for the London Marathon 2017. The logistics behind stewarding 1,500 runners plus Prince Harry's love of Haribo were duly covered in detail.

Next up was Bruce Daisley, European VP of Twitter, who talked about workplace culture and how to get the best from your working day. His tips came from the first season of his podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat which can be found below. Informative advice and cat gifs kept the audience well entertained. 

Thanks for your feedback on the meeting, all those who attended and our speakers.

Roundtable #04 (June 2017)

We enjoyed the exposed vents and brickwork at the on-trend Diabetes UK offices for our June Roundtables.


We had a lower turnout for these meetings but went into detail on third-party suppliers, virtual events and acceptable returns on investment. We even had time to delve in to reporting and compliance.

Many thanks to Laura and the team for their meeting rooms. We'll be back for the main meeting in July.