New look, new plans

That new website we've been promising for ages is finally happening. 

We've been speaking to the previous editors, liaising with the domain hosts, learning all about CSS coding (I know, check us out) and trying to ensure everything is compliant with the team at the IOF but we've made a great step forward. There is still a fair amount to do to transfer over your membership details so please try to bear with us as we migrate to the new site.

The new look is part of a refresh in what we offer as the Event Managers' Forum. We've reduced the number of main meetings from six a year to quarterly. Rather than scrambling to secure speakers every other month this will allow us to find some really good content for you. I hope you agree we've kicked that off well with our meeting at JustGiving in February, then Bruce Daisley (kind of a big deal at Twitter) and Heads Together (kind of a big deal this April) in July followed by Mr Hugh Brasher in September.

Our Roundtable meetings will continue every other month. We only allow 20 people at each event so you'll need to get in quick. If you haven't been to one before, these meetings are really informal and attendees set the agenda. Of course you can secure a spot at the head of the table by hosting one yourself, do get in touch if you have a spare meeting room.

We have a new members section, including a new forum. It's a really popular part of what we offer so keep an eye out for that coming shortly. We'll also be able to post articles, updates and content just for members.

Some of that hidden content will be progress against some of our chosen Projects. We thought it would be great to lead on some collaborative working across the sector. With a big membership and the backing of the Institute of Fundraising there are some improvements we can make with suppliers and we're happy to represent our members as a whole to key stakeholders. We've done this with RealBuzz and JustGiving in the past - both of whom were extremely accommodating in explaining their points of view. 

All this change has resulted in some opportunities on the committee. If you're enthusiastic about getting involved in our plans and driving the EMF forward you can apply through the Committee page of the site. It also gives you the chance to laugh at our profile photos. 

As ever we really appreciate your feedback and thoughts. You can comment below, write to us at or catch us in person at a meeting, hope to see you soon.

James Wright