Charity Escapes

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Charity Escapes is a new and exciting fundraising charity that specialises in sourcing donated holidays and experiences.

We know that finding auction and raffle prizes is difficult and in some cases it can be expensive. Our aim is to make it easier for fundraisers by offering a range of prizes to help raise money at fundraising events.

Charity Escapes works with hotels, holiday home owners, and holiday agents who are willing to donate prizes for a wide variety of good causes. The donated holidays are then matched to fundraising events - ensuring the most amount of money possible is raised.

Since September 2017, Charity Escapes have sourced over 150 prizes and to date has helped over 50 charities, large and small. Some of the prizes available are featured on our website ( but the variety and number of prizes on offer is growing all the time. We are currently working with Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Hilton Hotels, Malmaison and many others.

In return for offering a prize to help you raise money, we ask two things of a charity and the event organiser -

1.    A thank you tweet and FB post thanking the prize donor
2.    For 16.6% plus VAT (so 20%) to come back to us from the total amount our prize raised
(E.g. if one of our holidays sold at auction for £500, we would ask for £100 to come back to us.)

We are a not-for-profit and the money we ask to come back to us is to help cover our reasonable costs.  There are no other charges for providing these prizes.

Remember, we are sourcing new prizes all the time, so register now on our website to secure a prize (or two) for your next fundraising event!

For more information about how it works and to apply for prizes, please visit If you would like more information or would like to discuss in more detail, please email or call 0191 3037837.