Project Bang Bang

Guest Blog by Russell Benson:

Yes, it is as exciting as it sounds!

In order to keep David Attenborough happy, we wanted to eliminate single-use plastic usage within our team. The worst offender in my eyes were banging sticks – those sticks that flurry around any event course like emperor penguins clapping their partners back to the North Pole – just louder! We can’t get rid of them as anyone who has tried to clap for 8 hours at the Marathon knows how valuable they are to save hands from serious burn pain!

And hooray! 😊 There is a plastic-free alternative, by using bio-degradable material! But alas! ☹ There needs to be a large order of the base raw material – far more than our needs. So we went out to find similarly branded and environmentally charities to share the costs and love. This simple social request for yellow branded charities to get in touch hit a little bit of a nerve and lots of event managers got in touch wanting to change from plastic, and from London Marathon organisers and the IoF, who also want to get involved.

So what to do with this interest and how to move forward? Meetings have been arranged; a multi-coloured spreadsheet is being prepared; information is being gathered; a hashtag created; and David Attenborough is doing a little jig to celebrate our move away from plastic.

We hear you screaming at your screen – what can I do to join this movement?

We hear you. It’s quite simple - email to register some level of interest and we’ll send more information and updates very soon when we have them. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or desire to get more involved is not just welcome, but actively sought out.

And remember, the first rule of Project Bang Bang is to talk about Project Bang Bang!