Roundtable Meeting #05 (August 2017)

Our August meetings had the added bonus of views of Tower Bridge on the Thames as we visited the Blackbaud offices in London Bridge. 

The Seniors meeting kicked off with Half Marathon performance, team structures, due diligence, business planning and of course, our favorite, GDPR.

The Fundraisers discussed collaborative working, lead-in times, the Manchester races and digital marketing, not mention plans for the bank holiday weekend ahead.

Many thanks to Mark at Blackbaud for hosting. 

Roundtable #04 (June 2017)

We enjoyed the exposed vents and brickwork at the on-trend Diabetes UK offices for our June Roundtables.


We had a lower turnout for these meetings but went into detail on third-party suppliers, virtual events and acceptable returns on investment. We even had time to delve in to reporting and compliance.

Many thanks to Laura and the team for their meeting rooms. We'll be back for the main meeting in July.


Roundtable #02 (December 2016)

Our Christmas Roundtable meetings were held at Sense in Angel. Many thanks to Sarah Bowes for hosting. 

The eclectic agenda moved from Santa runs to HMRC then on to Real Buzz and JustGiving. We discussed the rise in virtual events and compared post-event comms.

None of this proved helpful at the local pub where Team EMF fared terribly in their quiz, if only they had included a console deadline round... 

Roundtable #01 (October 2016)

Ryder Roundtable

The first Roundtable meetings were hosted at Sue Ryder where topics ranged from data consents and HMRC to team structures and workloads. But it wasn't all fun, we also got through the serious matter of third party agreements, portfolios and marketing packages too. 

As is becoming traddition, the conversation moved on to the pub opposite afterwards. Many thanks to Sue Ryder for hosting.